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The advantages of a gutter vacuum.

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

When it comes to having your gutters cleaned out you may think of someone with a ladder and bucket.

You may also wonder how they get to hard to reach places, above conservatory's extensions and down narrow alley ways.

In this article we will go through some of the benefits of having your gutters cleaned using a gutter vacuum.

Property Access.

There are lots of property's that have no rear access and its much easier to carry a gutter vacuum through a customers home than a large set of ladders, and lets face it not many people want ladders carried through their home.

Decking And Uneven Ground.

If you have a property with decking then having your gutters cleaned with a gutter vacuum can be another advantage.

In the winter months decking can become very slippery and can be very dangerous for people using ladders.

The same can be said for using ladders on uneven ground with the risk of a fall with injury or damage to your property.

Extensions and Conservatory's

Extensions and conservatory's can sometimes be very tricky for gutter cleaning.

Using lightweight carbon fibre tubes the gutter vacuum gets over them with ease.

Our price list can be found on our gutter cleaning page, we also offer a free gutter inspection using a camera with no obligation.

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